Shiro Masuyama 


Expositions à tinbox:

"I studied architecture at university, and I came to be interested in the common field of architecture and art rather than in the orthodox architecture.   I carried out a project called "Tama River Project" to raise an issue towards very conventional education of the university, in which we are taught with less practical. I placed compartments for couples at regular distance at the bank of Tama River where couples usually sit keeping some distance each other. The wall of the compartment has pictograms of man and woman clipped and encloses a bench for 2 people. I placed 5 and a week later I even found a used condom there.   After that project, I got more interested in involving people I come across in the city into my work. I have been putting my works in the middle of the city from a viewpoint of affordance, by reading the context of the site by architectural technique. I think some tactics are necessary for involving people just passing. It is why I have used motifs such as money, sex, office worker, mass media and cigarette that are popular and familiar to the public, as traps to draw attentions of passersby. I always think out about all the components of a project, from the plot and the situation to details of invitation cards. I also make my project functional, which is very architectural, to let people feel easy to use or try it.   It is only when people are involved that I consider my work to be completed. To make the devices is only preliminary for me to a completed work. I think my work is different from peaceful one that is common in so-called "communication art" or conventional "interactive art", as it puts people trapped to use in the work. It creates a reverse of standpoints of the viewer and the artist; the artist watches the viewer and the viewer is watched. After all, the viewer comes to face himself.   I mean I don't just present my work on the media. I create a fourdimensional situation, involving the viewers in the work, and take it as a media."  

Née en 1971 à Tokyo
Vit et travaille à Berlin et à Tokyo


Solo Exhibitions

2010  "Borderline" - Tenderpixel Gallery, London
  Shiro Masuyama - Intervention - Water and Sculpture Hills, Ichihara, Chiba    

 "Shiro MASUYAMA 2004-2010", Contemporary Art Factory, Tokyo 

 "Intervention", Tinbox Contemporary Art Gallery, Bordeaux, France

2009  "Hotel Plaroom", Playroom, Mito, Japan (Curated by Tohru Nakazaki+Mizuki Endo) 

2006  "Love Bench Project", Irish Museum of Modern Art 
"Love Bench Project" (Museum's Courtyard & The Process Room), Dublin 
"Intervention", ADN Galeria, Barcelona 

2005  "Get away to art without the scene at BEAMS, the place to be!! 
"Big Escape from Arty Museums Show!", BEAMS JAPAN, Tokyo(featuring STEQI)
"Parky Party", Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin 
"10 Years Project" (3rd Triennial of Photography Hamburg 2005), 
"10 Years Project" CAI Contemporary Art International, Hamburg, Germany 

2004  "Shinjuku Kabukicho Project Document",Gallery TEZZ, Tokyo(Curated by Yoshiaki Kaihatsu) 

2002  "Shiro Masuyama 1996-2003" Contemporary Art Factory, Tokyo 

2001  "Media-Dominated World" the Gallery SAATCHI & SAATCHI, Tokyo
(Curated by Hitomi Hasegawa)

2000  "Legal Parking" Gallery GEN & the Parking on the street, Tokyo 

Solo Performances

 2006  "Parky Party "(Museum NIight), Stadtgalerie, Kiel , Germany (Curatied by Wolfgang Ziegerer)
"Parky Party "(MAK NIGHT),
"Parky MAK - Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art, Vienna (Curated by Andreas Kristof)

Group Exhibitions

 2010  "Bordeaux Block Party", Tinbox Mobile, Bordeaux, France  

2009  "CREAM - International Festival for Arts and Media Yokohama", Shinko Pier Exhibition Hall, 
Yokohama(Curated by Mizuki Endo)
 "Eruptio 7 - International Action art Meeting", ENTA Foundation, Romania(Collaboration with Sinead O'Donnell / Curated by Gusztav Uto)
"The 1st Tokorozawa Biennial of Contemporary Art", SEIBU Railway Co.,LTD., Tokorozawa, Japan
"Dark room / Homme made", Daneyal Mahmood Gallery, New York(Curated by Avi Feldman)

2008  "CAMP HIROSHIMA", The old branch office of the Bank of Japan, 
Hiroshima(Directed by Yukinori Yanagi)
 "Rambling around B", Galerie IAC-Berlin, Berlin (Curated by Katerina Valdivia Bruch)
"World Open Art Festival", Seoul Museum of Art (Gyeonghuigung Annex), Seoul, Korea
"Open Studio 4 ", The National Art Studio Goyang, Goyang, Korea 
"Continuing Power of Asia", Hankuk Art Museum, Korea 
"Outsiders", The National Art Studio Goyang, Goyang, Korea 
"Pre-Exhibition Tokorozawa Biennial of Contemporary Art - SIDING RAILROAD",SEIBU Railway Co.,LTD., Tokorozawa, Japan
"2008 Kim Hwan-Ki International Art Festival",Gwangju / Seoul, Korea (Curated by Nam-Suck Oh)
"2008 Changwon Asian Art Festival",Changwon, Korea(Directed by KIM Sung-Ho)
"Five is only a number! ", ADN Galeria, Barcelona 
"SWAB International Contemporary Art Fair Barcelona",Drassanes Reials de Barcelona, Barcelona
"RECORDING", IG Bildende Kunst, Vienna(Curated by Dagmar Hoess, Knack Hartwig)
"CAMP BERLIN ", The old centralfactory of the BVG, Berlin(Directed by Yukinori Yanagi)

2007  "Open Studios", GlogauAIR, Berlin(Curated by Kterina Valdivia Bruch)
"PREVIEW BERLIN ", Tempelhof Airport, Hangar 2, Berlin(Represented by ADN Galeria)
"Artemiade - kunstimgarten ", Cologne, German(Produced by Galerie ARTicles)
"HATSU YUME ", Kakoii, Berlin

2006  "Strangers",1a Space, Hong Kong (Curated by Shiro MASUYAMA)
"VISIT" (Artists' Studio '06), Irish Museum of Modern Art(Studio14), Dublin 
"03 BERLINER KUNSTSALON", Arena, Berlin (Represented by CAI Contemporary Art International)
"Episodes of Summer #1", CAI Contemporary Art International, Hamburg
"DING DONG! ", The former building of the KARSTADT, Hamburg (Produced by Senseo art initiative)

2005  "Black Light Gallery", U3 station & Tunnel, Potsdamer Platz, Berlin
"Open Bethanien ", Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin 
"CURIOSITES", Para/Site Art Space, Hong Kong
"Open Studios 2005 ", Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin2004 "Time Line", www.time-line.tv 

2004  "Time Line" & Contemporary Art Museum Val-de-Marne, Paris 
(Produced by Window 42 & The Store)
 "TANABATA.org Art Project 2004", Sendai, Japan(Curation : Takashi Murakami)
"de luxe at belle e'tage", Liechtensteinstrasse 8/1, Vienna (Curated by Sylvia Wagner-Weger)

2003  "SHINXUS multiple", Gallery TEZZ, Tokyo(Curatied by Yoshiaki Kaihatsu)
"Moving Japanese-Interfacial Spaces", Kulturhuset, Stockholm(Curated by Hitomi Hasegawa)
"Coming!- How long do you intend to stay?", Arkitekturmuseet, Stockholm(Produced by Raketa Institute)
"Landmines Exhibition 2", FADs art space, Tokyo(Produced by FADs Art Space & Dragged Out Studio)
"BABA - Festival de Nous Creators", FAD, Barcelona
"Hangar Obert Estiu 2003", Hangar, Barcelona 

2002  "ISCP Open Studios", ISCP, New York
"ISCP Open Studios"(International Studio & Curatorial Program) 
"Asian Contemporary Art Week", ISCP, New York
"Kyoto Art Map 2002", Gallery16, Kyoto
"Philip Morris K.K. Art Award 2002", Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo(Selected by Yuko Hasegawa & Klaus Biesenbach)

2001  "What's the difference between....?", Kunstbuero,Futuregarden
"What's the difference between....?" & Kunsthalle 8, Vienna (Curatied by Hitomi Hasegawa)
"Sukima Project 02", www.commandN.net(Produced by Command N) 
"Landmines Exhibition", FADs art space, Tokyo(Produced by FADs Art Space & Dragged Out Studio)
"Clinic", H.I.S.co.,Ltd., Tokyo(Curated by Hiroko Tsuchida)

2000  "ITAZURART2000"(Sukima Project), SCAI THE BATHHOUSE, Tokyo  

1998  "The 3rd Mogami Environmental Art Festival", Shinjyo, Japan 

1997  "The 2nd Mogami Environmental Art Festival", Shinjyo, Japan


 2009  Flaxart Studios, Belfast, Northern Ireland 

2008  IASK, The National Art Studio Goyang, Goyang, Korea
(Run by The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea)
 AIR artist-in-residence Krems, Krems, Austria

2006  Japan & Hong Kong Exchange Project"Strangers", Hong Knong 
Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin 

2004-2005  Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin  

2004  A.I.R.-Vienna, Vienna  

2003  Hangar, Barcelona  

2002-2003  ISCP (International Studio & Curatorial Program), New York

Art Projects

2009  "Artist Refugee ", SEIBU Railway Co.,LTD., Tokorozawa, Japan 

2008  "Moving from Kanagawa to Hiroshima",
"Sagamihara, Kanagawa - The old branch office of the Bank of Japan, Hiroshima
"Moving from Sagamihara to Kawasaki",
"Moving from Sagamihara to Sagamihara, Kanagawa - Kawasaki, Kanagawa 
"Sea Line", Shin-An, Korea
"Moving from Vienna to Krems",
"Moving IG Bildende Kunst, Vienna - AIR Artist -In-Residence Krems, Krems 

2007  "Moving from Berlin to Hamburg ", 
"Moving Berlin - CAI Contemporary Art International, Hamburg 

2006  "Love Bench Project", Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin 
"10 Years Project ", (TAMAKAN Farewell Party), 
"10年プロジェクト",Tama welfare center, Kawasaki, Japan 

2005  "10 Years Project ", (3rd Triennial of Photography Hamburg 2005),
"10年プロジェクト" CAI Contemporary Art International, Hamburg 

2004  "Shinjuku Kabukicho Project", Shinjuku Kabukicho Park, Tokyo 

2002  "IKEMOKU", Shibuya Station,Tokyo  

1998  "IKEMOKU", Shibuya Station, Tokyo 

1997  "Shinjuku Kabukicho project", Ohkubo Park, Tokyo 

1996  "Tama River Project", Tama River , Tokyo


 2009  "Togabi Art Project 2009",Togura-kamiyamada Junior High School, Nagano, 
Japan(Directed by Noriko Nakadaira) 

2006  "TAMAKAN Farewell Party", Tama welfare center, Kawasaki, 
Japan (Produced by Noborito-Yuuen Team) 

2004  "Togabi Art Project", Togura-kamiyamada Junior High School, Nagano, 
Japan(Directed by Chihiro Nakadaira)

Video Screening

 2007  "Open Video Libraary 2 ", ZAIM, Yokohama (Produced by MIACA) 

2005  "Espai Video", ADN Galeria, Barcelona 

2004  "Festival BABA2004", Estacion de Francia, Barcelona 
"Uchiage!", Porgy & Bess, Vienna

2003  "Coming!", Video Forum, Stockholm 
"1HOUR - Legal Parking", VOID - Sala Zelig, Barcelona


 2009  ART No.11, Kawasaki  

2008  Musashino Art University, Tokyo 
Bar and Cafe Nakanchu, Hiroshima (Produced by Hiroshima Art Project
208, Osaka 

2007  ZAIM, Yokohama 
"Pecha Kucha Night Vol.7", Tape Gallery, Berlin 
Contemporary Art Factory, Tokyo 
ART No.11, Kawasaki 

2006  1a space, Hong Kong 
Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin 
MACBA-The Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona, Barcelona(Produced by CASA ASIA)

2005  "AIRs Vol.1", Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo
Para/Site Art Space, Hong Kong 

2003  Kulturhuset, Stockholm  
IASPIS, Stockholm (Produced by Raketa Institute)

2002  Gallery 16, Kyoto
Contemporary Art Factory

2001  Futuregarden, Vienna 


 2008  "The residency in the residency ", The National Art Studio Goyang, Korea  

2006  "Strangers",1a Space, Hong Kong 


2009-2010  Grant from The Pollock-Krasner Foundation, New York 

2009  Garnt from The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, United Kingdom  

2008  Garnt from Asia Pacific Fellowship Program, Korea 

2006  Garnt from The Ashahi Simbun Foundation, Japan 
Garnt from The Nomura Cultural Foundation, Japan 
Garnt from The Japan Foundation, Japan 

2004-2005  Grant from Bunkacho, Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan 

2002-2003  Grant from Pola Art Foundation, Japan  

1998-1999  Judge's Special Prize, The 3rd Mogami Environmental Art Festival 

1997  2nd Prize, The 2nd Mogami Environmental Art Festival 
Video Communication Award, The 20th Tokyo Video Festival


 1998-1999  B-semi Schooling System, Yokohama
(Completed a coursework in contemporary art)

1997  Master of Architecture , Meiji University, Tokyo

1995  Bachelor of Architecture , Meiji University, Tokyo 

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